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2004 - 2005

  ~The Masquerade Ball is on Friday.
  ~There will be tables on Friday (28th) & Monday (31st). Sign up if you are available to work at them.
  ~The location of the after-party is still unknown. If you can host it or know of a place it can be held please let us know.
  ~If anyone has spooky Halloween decorations we would appreciate if you let us use them for the night of the 28th. Your name will be placed on them and you will get them back.
  ~There are still open spots for working at the ball. If you are planning to go please sign up for one of them.

Topic: Curses, Hexes, & Bad Juju Presented by: Jozie

There are 3 basic kinds of hexes. They are: invoking karma, sympathetic magic, and hostile energy.

  ~Invoking karma basically brings back to the person whatever they have done. It works faster than regular karma. Unfortunately if they have accrued more good karma than bad it will seem as though they are being rewarded for bad behavior. Be careful with this as karma does not like to be messed with and it will come back at you.
  ~Sympathetic magic is using a personal item (hair, clothing, jewelry, handwriting, etc) to effect the person for either good or bad. Voodoo dolls are a good example of this kind of magic.
  ~Hostile energy is the third kind. Hostile energy can be sent at you (either knowingly or unknowingly) by someone who is angry at you. It is the most common and the easiest to do.

There are many ways to protect yourself from these negative forces. There is shielding, wards, and mirrors. Jozie prefers the mirror method because it doesn't accrue any bad karma for you because you are not doing anything except returning what they have sent. Red jasper can also help you to protect yourself. It is known for its ability to reflect bad intentions. The best way to protect yourself is vigilance and understanding what is a normal problem and what is a curse. Every time you get sick or trip it IS NOT a curse. You need to become attuned with your body so you will know when something is actually wrong. Also, watch the people around you so you have a better chance of knowing where an attack will be coming from if it does. Unfortunately, there is no way to absolutely stop an attack.

Some books you might want to check out are:
Psychic Protection By: Ted Andrews
A Field Guide To Demons By: Carol Mack & Dinah Mack (if your problems are not of human origin).

I also found some websites. The first is a history of curses and how they were used in the ancient world. The others are sites with actual curses on them. Do with them what you will.

1. The Mystica; History of Curses
2. Puzuzu; Black Magic
3. Joseph Bearwalker Wilson; Black Magic Spells
4. Lucky Mojo; Black Magic Spells

Have a spoooooky weekend.