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2004 - 2005
  ~Anyone who has signed up for the event planning committee NEEDS to come to them. There has been really bad turnout. If you signed up and are unable to make it please contact one of the officers to let them know.
  ~The planning committee meetings are on Wednesday nights @ 6 pm in our usual meeting spot. There is a special meeting tonight @ 6 pm. ~There is a sign-up sheet for the ball. If you would like to work at it please fill it out. Anyone who works gets free admission and pizza.
  ~The next table is on Monday (10th) from 11-3 please sign-up if you can work at it.
  ~There will also be a table on Wednesday (19th). A poll will be up soon.
  ~The event on Tuesday night was fun even though not many people showed up. The next event has not yet been planned.
  ~Melissa is looking for clothing donations for a family of hurricane victims staying with her mother. There are two women and six kids.
They especially need winter coats and shoes.
  ~There will be an anti-Columbus Day demonstration on campus at 12pm Monday.

Topic: Science Vs. Magic
We all discussed what we think the similarities and differences between the two are. Here's some of what we came up with:
  ~Magic is more based on belief/ will, while science is based on proof.
  ~You can't quantify will so magic is not a science.
  ~Magic is more than spells or rituals; it is the soul, the creation of life, any of the thousand little miracles that happen everyday.
  ~Magic and science can intertwine.
  ~Aura photography may be a good example of where the two meet.
  ~The issue of magic VS. science has been debated throughout time.
  ~Some people think of magic as a branch of science.
  ~Many believe that is mind over matter that makes it work.

If you are interested in this subject and want to learn more or discuss it further speak to Fes or try reading the book The Science of the Craft By: William H. Keith. Next weeks meeting will be World Religions if Lins gets a chance to talk to some other groups about it. If not I don't know what we'll be doing.