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Happy belated Samhain to you all!


~The masquerade ball was on Friday. Not as many people showed up as we would have liked, but we paid for Aramark so it was a success. We also got an article in The Chronicle (campus newspaper). If anyone would like to see it Ann has a copy.
~Jozie is looking for a roommate. Anyone who is interested please let her know.

Topic: Pagan cooking and crafts

Melissa made a lovely presentation of her own use of magic in the kitchen. The following is the beginning of her presentation:

"Why does homemade chicken noodle soup make a person feel better? What is it about the chicken or noodles or even the broth that makes a stomach ache go away, or the worst flu symptoms vanish. Part of it, for sure has to do with the healthy ingredients that are used, but a larger part of the process is the love, care, and hope for a positive result that the person making the soup put into it. Some people do this unconsciously. They make the soup for a friend and hope that they feel better, they are pouring these emotions into the creation. However, there are those people, like myself, who put more thought into it, they pour their own personal magic into the recipe as well."

Some of the most important things to do when you are cooking magically are:

1. Choose healthy ingredients (organic and homegrown are good options).
2. Choose the right time (based on either magical intentions or just because that's when you have the time).
3. Plan your menu and find out what ingredients are good for what purposes. There are recipes available for every sabbatt.
4. Add your own magic either through prayer or actual spell work.

We also discussed sewing, needlework, sculpting, and several other crafts that are very useful for a pagan to know how to do. Because there is such a small Pagan population in this area it is really nice to be able to make your own wand or broom or ceremonial robe. It is also much less expensive. If you want to learn how to do a specific craft ask around and one of us will probably know how to do it.

Recommended Reading:
Wicca In the Kitchen - Scott Cunningham
The Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs- Scott Cunningham
Culpeppers Complete Herbal- Culpepper
Magical Compendium of Herbs- Baeryl
A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook- Patricia Telesco
Witch In the Kitchen- Cait Johnson
Sabbat Entertaining- Willow Polson (Melissa'a favorite)
Cooking By Moonlight- Allrich
Complete Medicinal Herbal- Penelope Ody

Next weeks topic is political paganism have a great weekend everyone!