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2004 - 2005
  ~We handed out the contact list. If you'd like one or are not on it talk to Lins.
  ~Budget will be due soon. We have decided that we want to do another large event next year (starting earlier and having some clue as to what we're doing of course). If you can think of any other special thing that you think PA could or should do next year talk to one of the officers and we can see if it appeals to the group and if we can get the funds for it.
  ~An advertising/ pamphlets committee has been formed to oversee the creation of some new materials for our tables. If you have some information, a book, or a great idea that would help them out please talk to Primo.
  ~We're going to try to get some T-shirts made up this year. If you want to create a design bring it in after the winter break and we will vote on our favorite. Please make it relatively simple and in one color.

  ~Tina gave a presentation on Gnosticism. It is basically anything that is not Christianity (Though from what I understood there are close ties to that religion). There are a set of "laws" that all the members follow. It is a level based organization in which one can advance either quickly or slowly depending on their drive and their magical talents and knowledge. There are lodges throughout the world and each lodge has its own hierarchy, as well as one that fits into the organization as a whole. There were many many proper nouns in there that have no meaning to me so I was rather befuddled throughout. If you would like more information or are interested in joining one of these groups please talk to Tina or go to their website at There will be some information that you are not able to access because you have to have attained a certain level of membership to view it, but it should give you a better more in-depth explanation than I can.