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2004 - 2005
~Not much for minutes today. We began the meeting by discussing what
we want to do as far as events go next year. The general opinion seemed to be that we do 2 medium sized events (such as one at Halloween, and one at Beltane). They would not be as big or expensive as the Ball but they would be set up to accommodate a much larger group than our monthly gatherings. If you have any more ideas about this please bring them to the meeting tonight or get a hold of one of the officers. We need to make the decision before the end of winter break.
  ~Also, don't forget to work on your T-shirt designs over break. We really want to get them done this year, because it would be fun to have them and also to help advertise our group.

The topic was Divination/ Stations.
  ~We talked a little about divination before we all split off into our separate groups for tarot readings and such. Here is a summery of what I heard as well as a little of mine thrown in.

  ~Divination is an ancient art, one that probably dates back to the first group of humans advanced enough to have medicine men and shamans. The are an almost endless variety of tools one can use for divination. Tarot cards, runes, pendulums, entrails, tea leaves, palmistry, and oiji boards (not recommended) are a few of them. The basic premise of divination is to look into the future, present, or past to gain information. The most important thing to remember is that the future is not set. If you were to see tragedy in a reading it is most likely something that you can prevent. Divination is merely a guide to what could be and what has been, and by using it you can understand how you got into a situation and correct things in your life to put you back on the right path.

An interesting question was brought up at the meeting. The question was "Who or what is sending this information to you?". I think that most people believe that the source is different depending on what medium you are using and what your intentions are. If you are calling out to your patron goddess, for example, that is a likely source for your answer. If you do not call upon anything for answers the most likely source of the information is either you yourself (by using your innate psychic abilities) or what some people call the akashic records. These are a database of all human knowledge and experience that can be tapped into by those who know how (usually in astral form).

Divination is not specifically a Pagan idea. It has been used throughout history and is still used by many different groups today. From the tribal leader in Africa sacrificing a goat and reading its organs to the suburban housewife playing the pendulum game at her baby shower. All are as valid as the other. We are all born with psychic talent and anyone can learn to develop it.