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Hey everyone. This is going to be a really long one so feel free to skip through parts you don't find interesting.

We started out the evening with a presentation from Lady Sherrell and the founder of UNITE (sorry forgot the name). They would like to have a pagan forum/education night at SCSU. March 15th from 6-8pm is when they want to do it. From us they will need a room (glacier, voyager), copies, power point projector, advertising, daycare?, food, and help setting up.

  -We did the budget. We will be asking money for: 2 Pagan Culture Nights, Candy for tables, Advertising (t-shirts, flyers, copies), monthly parties, a pagan awareness night, and possibly fundraising supplies.
  -The Real, Real World has been moved to March 21st and 22nd. The setup day will be the 20th and will go from 7am-Midnight.Email Christyne with any ideas you have for it. A planning committee for it meets Tuesdays @ 3:30 and Wednesdays @ 2:00 in front of the GLBT room.
  -T-shirts ~ For the shirts you can choose to have the PA symbol on the back and "Pagan Alliance" on the front or to just have the front (for those who do not like the symbol). We can get plus sized clothes ($2 additional cost) and baby sized cloths. You may also bring in your own hoodies or T-shirts. If you get them from the guy you can only get black or white.
  -Please make a member bio on Yahoo
  -We had a table today. We need more help with them so Lindsey isn't stuck at them all day. 9:45- 11:30 is when we need the most help.
  -We will be having monthly parties. We will alternate Tuesday/Friday so that more people can get to them.
  -Contact list was handed out.
  -We now have a comment box. At the end of meetings everyone will be asked to write 1 good and 1 bad thing about PA or the meeting.
  -Trio has 6 cats up for adoption to a good home.

The topic was color personalities/ chakras. Trio led the first part of the meeting. Tab talked about chakras.
-Color personalities
(Book: Your Color Personality, Your Health By: Carol Ritberger, MD)
Colors have an emotional connection/ reaction within people. There is scientific evidence that colors can create psychological, emotional, and physical reactions within a person. There are 4 types of color personalities and the coincide with the 4 lower chakras.
Red (Masculine)~ People who are reds: use left brain functions more, are more literal (black & white, no gray area), very physical, need hands on experience, hard working, ambitious, conservative, firm minded, need to control their environment and the people in it, have an inner conflict (Need for power & status VS. the need to be left alone)
Orange( feminine)~ People who are orange: main drive is people, need to fulfill emotional needs of others, use left brain functions more, make decisions based on emotions, seek harmony and cooperation in relationships, jealously protect the people and things they care about, warriors, seek social acceptance, friendly, welcoming,
Yellow (both)~ People who are yellow: the most balanced of the 4, can use both masculine and feminine energies effectively, intuitive, use right brain functions more, conceptual or analytical thinkers, enjoy novelty and mental stimulus, are more detached from situations and people, can be hard to get to know, creative.
Green (feminine)~ People who are green: intuitive, want love and acceptance, march to their own drum, hopeful, optimistic, need conflict free environments in relationships, very social, crave approval, under stress greens will switch to one of the other colors.

The 7 chakras most commonly used in this area are 1. red, 2. orange,
3. yellow, 4. green, 5. blue, 6. indigo, 7. violet.
A brief explanation of each:
1. Primitive
2. sexuality, life, vibrancy, using instincts
3. stability (main frame), replenishing energy/maintaining energy
4. love, giving of self
5. speaking/communication
6. third-eye, intuition, observation
7. on top of head or floating just above, spiritual, connects you
to the outer universe.

Hope everybody learned something. Next weeks topic is Constitution/Chaos.