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Happy Imbolc everyone. The meeting today was on holidays and why we celebrate them.

  -Lins got the information from the t-shirt place. The prices will most likely be $7.45 for white t-shirts, $8.45 for black t-shirts, $20.95 for white hoodies, and $22.95 for black hoodies. If you would like any of these please get a hold of Lins because she's taking a< count. Also if you have ideas for the logo that will be used please show it to Primo.
  -We updated the contact list. If you weren't there and your information has changed please tell us.
  -To volunteer at the Humane Society we will need to fill out an application. I have copies of them or you can go to their web page and print out a copy.
  -The Imbolc table was today.
  -Accountability was brought up. People have not been showing up and/or helping with things they said they would. This not only hurts the group but can make us look bad to the public. If you sign up for something and can't show up please let someone know.
  -We are planning to have a table every other Wednesday.

Now finally on to topic. Here's some general information about the pagan holidays. This is skewed from a more Wiccan point of view though so you don't have to take it as writ.
  Yule- Goddess gives birth to the God. It is a time of great darkness, it has the shortest day of the year. It is celebrated on the winter solstice which is different every year. It is a time to celebrate rebirth and the eventual coming of spring.
  Imbolc- Celebrated February 2nd. It is the time of the Goddess' recovery from giving birth to the God. He is in his infant stage now. It is an excellent time to do purification magic and initiations. This is also the time when some priestesses wear a crown of candles.
  Ostara- Celebrated on the spring equinox. It is the first day of true spring. It is an excellent time to perform fertility magic, tend ritual gardens, and cast spells to aid you in the future.
  Beltane-Celebrated April 30th. The God is in his adolescent faze. The Goddess is impregnated with the God during this time. It is a VERY good time to perform sex or lust magic. The maypole is often used in these ceremonies. If you want to celebrate a holiday with drunken debauchery this is the one.
  Midsummer- Celebrated on the summer solstice. Bonfires are often leapt during these rituals. This is an excellent holiday to any kind of magic.
  Lughnasahd- Celebrated August 1st. This is the first of 3 harvest celebrations. It is the God's middle age period. Wheat is often used to symbolize this holiday because it is the first of the crops to be harvested. Meals are very sacred during this time. They are a celebration of what the Earth gives us.
  Mabon- Celebrated on the Autumnal Equinox. The 2nd of the harvest festivals. Corn is often used to symbolize it. The God is in his old age at this time. Day and night are equal. Corn dollies are often made as protection items for this holiday.
  Samhain (Halloween)- Celebrated October 31st. The God dies. This is the final harvest festival. It is a great time of reflection. It is also a time when many believe that the veil between the worlds is thinnest. It is a time to celebrate your ancestors. Invite but do not call them to your table (if you were dead wouldn't that piss you off?).

That's all I've got. If you want to find out more almost any craft book will have more details and ritual ideas for you. Next weeks meeting is Separating Fantasy From Reality.