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  House Rules
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House Rules
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1. Babies must be held by their parents and/or one other person, as well as kept near the parents; we just don’t want any passing around of the kids

2. Make attempts to be welcoming and friendly to newcomers. Realize that they may not stay if no one really shows that they care that they even came.

3. If people are talking out of turn find a nice way to tell them to be quiet (for instance “Do you have something to add?”) or look to the president or vice president to stop them.

4. Introductions will be done when new members are present.

5. Only the officers and people appointed by the president may call the meeting to order.

6. The President is the only one who can send people to ART.

7. If you sign up to work a table you must attend or call. Take heed to the following:

  • First Offense: Warning
  • Second Offense: Sit by ART for half of a regular meeting
  • Third Offense: Cannot attend one meeting

8. No energy balls during the meetings unless otherwise authorized by the president or the VP.

9. Try to make a good impression upon people who are not apart of our group while at the meeting. For instance, keep “swimsuit”/ “bad touch” area covered when possible.

10. Be respectful and courteous to all members.

11. Keep speaking to a 10 minute limit, unless leading.

12. Pick up after yourself when you leave (trash and putting stuff back), this room is not a right it’s a privilege!

13. Please keep cell phones and pagers on silent or vibrate during the meeting.

14. If you need a contact list ask an officer, they will make sure you get one. If you have come to at least three meetings in a row. And please be courteous and do not post it on the internet, in one of the groups or elsewhere.

15. Side conversations should be kept to a minimum and be discreet and if you need to talk during the meeting, either leave or deal with the consequences. (I.e. Being sent to ART)