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  Member Pages/Links
Member Pages/Links
Suggested Pages/Links

The following websites are some of the members' personal websites. They may or may not have anything to do with paganism, SCSU, or anything else you might even be remotely interested in, but everybody has put effort into their interests. Not everything here is necessarily endorsed by the group, but we do try and be supportive either way.


  Original Art/Mayonaka Graphics Becky's Deviant Art Scoundrelle's Keep
  This is Kel's art page where she keeps a good portion of her graphic design pieces. It is currently under construction though so check back on occasion. Deviant Art is home for some of Becky's work. Most of it is anime or her fun sense of humor. Kizmit maintains Scoundrelle's Keep, which her store. It includes some of her excellent corset work, bindery, and hair extensions.


  Snow's FanFiction Work    
  Snow Tigra is by far the group's most prolific writer of fanfic, and you can find her work at the link above, displaying her profound anime (particularly Gundam Wing) obsession.