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Suggested Pages/Links

These are links to other websites either relating to general paganism or specific topics within paganism. There is a link to SCSU Pagan Alliance's current Volunteer work as well a comic strip many members find as good comic relief.

Make a donation for diabetes Witch's Voice Magus Books and Herbs Oh My Gods!
This link is here in loving memory of Matthew Carlson. He was a dear friend of ours that passed away due to complications from diabetes. One of the best sites for Pagan news, info and listings. This is one of our favorite sites to order herbs. They also have a good selection of books and assorted other Pagan friendly products. This is a comic strip that most of us find amusing.

Azure Green Wicce's Tarot Collection Runes, Alphabet of Mystery The Reiki Page
This is another awesome shopping site including swords and knives. Some people recommend getting the catalog though. A wonderful site with reviews (including pictures) of just about every deck out there.
A good on-line guide to runes. A large on-line source for Reiki. From basic information to the more advanced.
The Witch/Pagan Resources      
This is another site that is full of resources and communication opportunities with other pagans.