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Page Updates

This site is a compilation of many pages and ideas, all of which need to be updated regularly. Some of the minor updates (such as minutes and topics) won't be recorded here. This is mainly to keep all the site builders updated if they can't talk and to keep a record of what this page has been through to get to what it looks like now.

09-14-05: We have started a new year and so all the information is fresh! The old minutes have been saved though, the link is at the bottom of the Minutes page. Keep an eye out for a new look for the site as we are trying to come up with something we like. Any input would be of great help! ~Kel

03/05: Minutes have been updated, minor tweeks on other pages, if anything is off feel free to contact Kel or Trio Via AIM or email. Our info is located on the home page.

02-19-05: Got more event info up, and table info, we do not have record of past tables or events (fairly sure) will double check though. Waiting for more specific info from Pres and others along with photos for the site. ~Trio

02-17-05: Got some work done on the Events and Tables pages. Nothing is complete though. Same with the table dates, I would like to have future dates, times, and locations for events...and past events as well. Get those to Trio or Kel so we can work on them, thanks! ~Kel

02-14-05:Redid the table for the minutes page so we have space for future meetings. ^_^;; I only found one date for the tables but since it's V-day, I didn't have time to really look. So if somebody could get past dates to Trio or Kel so those can go up there that would be great. ~Kel

02-07-05: Added pages for Tables and Events (separately) with the intent of getting a date/location thing going. The tables page has space for date/location but didn't get that far on events page. Note to all members, there is a link to member messages that have important memos.  EZBoard link was added to the info page in addition to members links. All Sites have image tags to go with the links now too. Trio, I will let you add blurbs and such to the tables and events page.  ~Kel

02-06-05: Updated the Constitution with the current revised one. Put it all on one page to make it easier and to not have as many sub-pages. Combined all of December's MIA minutes into one page. Updated Non-Title info on the Officers page. Added more topics as well as wrote whether some were discussion or who is leading if there is a leader. (Will try to do that for every topic in the future). Updated Tables and Events slightly. Will update it further after Wednesday. Worked on Home Page a bit, Kel add your email at the bottom next to your name. ~Trio

02-04-05: The site has moved but if you're reading this you know that already. ^_^ Everything except for the officer page should be up to date. I'm just waiting for either the other people that help me with this to update or help me with that. I added a Tables and Events page but that isn't up and running yet for the same reasons.  Trio has done a wonderful job of collecting info (the link can be found in the members links page) and once we have time to put our heads together we will have this all integrated! ~Kel

11-16-04: The Yahoo Groups Page has been changed to How to Talk to Us and has the link for the yahoo group and the ProBoard on it. There is also a new link in the Pagan Friendly links area and all the links should be up and working. ~ Kel

10 - 21 - 04: The link to the ProBoard message board is up in the minutes from this week and on the Yahoo Groups page. Members Links are up and running. Please note that all the sites listed are ones that were on the previous site or have been asked that they were added. If you have a site you want on here, please contact me. I also changed the fonts on here because I realized that not everybody has the same # of fonts I do.

10 - 16 - 04: I have a rough copy of the Officer Bios page up (link is in the Officers page). I'll get it all filled in when I get the information. Once I find the links list, I'll have those up and running. I think everything should be up to date now since I have been sans (working) computer for a few weeks.

10 - 2 - 04: Eeep! FrontPage ate the site navigation so I had to put it all back together before I messed with the links. I finished all the page transitions so it looks all cool when you go from page to page.

9 - 29 - 04: New site design and layout, including many new pages! I started over with the topics and minutes pages and divided up the constitution. The links/pages pages still need to have the links working, but I wanted to get the site up and running. I still need myths and holiday information too but I am waiting on other people for that so be patient please.

7 - 8 - 04: Not sure if this will be here much longer seeing as how I moved. I managed to get some of the minutes on here but didn't feel like digging too much.

5 - 13 - 04: Just some color changes. It is summer term now so no more meetings and most likely no more updates.

2 - 6 - 04: Banners for the links pages up. I am still missing three, but those will be done soon, I promise.

2 - 2 - 04: Site created. Things are still a little rough but I'll fix it up soon.