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Tables and Events
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SCSU Pagan Alliance holds tables in Atwood where you can ask the pagans at the table questions you may have about paganism or anything else that may cross your mind.

They have pamphlets, buttons, and free candy. They sell jewelry made by Ann for $5.00 a piece as well as candles made by Lina: votives: $0.50 a piece, medium: $1.00 a piece, and large:$5.00 a piece.

Tables are usually every other Wednesday and on or near the Pagan Related Holidays.

For specific dates and table locations, go here.



SCSU Pagan Alliance is currently working on holding a monthly "Inside Bonfire". It's a time to hang out and socialize with other pagans. If available you can get your palm read by Unison, have tarot readings done by the more Advanced tarot practitioners, have auras or chakras looked at, discover your color personality, get some reiki, and many other wonderful things. These fun things are subject to change at last minute and they do not necessarily occur at every "Inside Bonfire".

Our first inside bonfire had henna (done by Lina), color personalities (done by Shaun), tarot (done by Becky), and palm readings (done by Unison) there as well as homemade cookies, drinks, and lots of fun!

Our second inside bonfire (event) had tarot (done by Lins), palm readings (done by Unison), reiki/energy readings (done by Nathan), and an energy workshop (lead by Nathan). Very educational, fun, and informative!!

If you're interested in the bonfires or anything else we are up to check out the dates and times here!