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Every week SCSU Pagan Alliance talks about a different topic. This is so we can share our knowledge and help with questions one might have concerning each topic. Meetings are held in the Atwood Theatre Lounge on Wednesdays at 8pm during fall and spring semesters. Check back here to see about meeting that are close to or during breaks.

The meetings are mainly for members, but if you have interest in the subject, feel free to attend.

Topics for the 2005 - 2006 School Year:

(Topics are subject to change due to group preferences or other events)

09/07/04: Election of Officers

09/14/o5: Energy Work

09/21/05: Guided Meditation

09/28/05: Magic In Everyday Life

10/5/05: Satanism

10/12th/05: World Religions (speakers)

10/19/05: Magic Vs. Science

10/26/05: Campus Walk, Hexes & Curses

11/2/05: Pagan Cooking & Crafts

11/9/05: Political Paganism

11/16/05: Rituals

11/23/05: Chaos @ Perkins

11/30/05: Gnostic Studies

12/7/05: Divination & Stations

12/14/05: Holidays & Chaos

01/25/06: Chaos & Book Trade

02/1/06: Totems

02/8/06: Herbs

02/15/06: Healing (Reiki)

02/22/06: Stones

03/1/06: Q & A, Basic Paganism

03/15/06: Sabbats

03/22/06: Deities

03/29/06: Myths

04/5/06: Astrology

04/12/06: Stereotypes, Coming Out Of The Broom Closet

04/19/06: Elements, Colors

04/26/06: Sex Magic

05/3/06: End of Year Party